In memoriam-Bruno Capaccioni

On 8 September 2016 our beloved colleague and friend Bruno Capaccioni, Associate Professor in Geochemistry-Volcanology at the Università di Bologna, Italy, has left us too early.


A month after his leaving, our community is still in search of a new equilibrium.

Bruno was an active member of CVL, being the co-editor of the latest Special Volume on Volcanic Lakes in the Special Pubblications Series of the Geological Society of London. This volume will become the “Bruno issue”. Bruno animated the CVL8-2013 workshop in Japan, where he presented his original video footage on the Copahue 2012 unrest.

Bruno worked on the Argentinean crater lakes of Copahue and Peteroa volcanoes, El Chichón in Mexico, and on Costarican lakes Poás and Rincón de la Vieja. He supervised Mariano Agusto during his postdoc at Università di Bologna, and opened the doors of his lab to Dmitri Rouwet. Pioneering experiments in the lab on degassing from acidic lakes will certainly have a part II in the future.

The fluid lab at Università di Bologna will be dedicated to Bruno Capaccioni.

Besides his passion and commitment to volcanic lakes, Bruno was known as one of the most complete (fluid) geochemists, with studies ranging from gas to rock geochemistry (early work), and pure volcanology. Bruno is a pioneer of volatile organic compounds on volcanic systems. His recent work is on dissolved gases and hydrogeochemistry in wells in relation to seismic activity in Emilia-Romagna (near Bologna, Italy) after the May 2012 earthquakes, a project in which he mentored his PhD student Andrea Ricci.

By his students, Bruno will be remembered as an excellent, patient and dedicated teacher.