Kusakabe Award

In March 2016, during the closing ceremony of the CVL9 workshop in Cameroon, the CVL Steering Committee awarded Minoru Kusakabe for his role as the “CVL founding father” and career-long dedication to Lake Nyos and, especially, for his open-mindedness towards the formation of local researchers. Minoru Kusakabe has been the Sensei of many Cameroonian students who are now able to follow up the monitoring of Lake Nyos.  From 1986 to 2016 Minoru Kusakabe visited Cameroon and Lake Nyos 40 (!) times.

During the same occasion, Minoru Kusakabe received the title of Chevalier de la République du Cameroun, in name of the Cameroonian President, Paul Biya.

In his name and example, the CVL will award the “Kusakabe Award” every three years.

kusakabe .001

Prof. Em. Minoru Kusakabe during an interview at Hotel Mt Fébé (Yaounde, Cameroon), site of the CVL9 Scientific Sessions in March 2016. source internet.

The selection procedure has been recently enrolled to nominate candidates for the Kusakabe Award, to be handed over during CVL10-New Zealand (March 2019).

A panel of 10 referees will propose three nominees to the CVL Steering Committee that will decide democratically on the eventual Kusakabe awardee.