Fall Meeting, Pantelleria Island, Sicily 23-28 September 2019

Fall Meeting: Different perspectives and approaches to study volcanic lakes

Pantelleria Island, Sicily, 23-28 September 2019



The aim of the Fall Meeting is to experience a common scientific activity at the shoreline of the Specchio di Venere Lake at Pantelleria Island (southern Italy), the “Black Pearl” of the Mediterranean. The participants, students as well as young and senior researchers, will be encouraged to promote discussions on the main themes concerning the methodological approaches that can be used to investigate volcanic lakes under a multidisciplinary umbrella. In situ measurements of physical-chemical parameters and collection of samples for lab analysis will be carried out at the lake. The meeting is addressed to: Geochemists, Limnologists, Biologists, Volcanologists etc.


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Important dates:

Registration deadline: 1 June 2019

Abstract submission deadline: 1 August 2019

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We present: the new CVL Leaders and Steering Committee members

During the business meeting of the CVL10-New Zealand Workshop (March 2019, Taupo) the new Co-Leaders were unanimously elected by the CVL Community present in New Zealand. After nine years, Dmitri Rouwet has stepped back as CVL-Leader (now webmaster) and has been replaced by Jennifer Lewicki (USGS-Menlo Park, CA) and Corentin Caudron (Université de Savoie, France).

Takeshi Ohba (Tokai University, Japan), former CVL-Secretary (2010-2013), left the Steering Committee and proposed Akihiko Terada (Kusatsu-Shirane Volcano Observatory, TIT, Japan) to replace him. Bertram Boehrer decided to leave the Steering Committee. We’d like to thank Takeshi-san and Bertram for their proactive work and dedication to CVL for many years.

Other newcomers in the CVL-Steering Committee are the young researchers Céline Mandon (Yachay Tech University, Urcuqui, Ecuador) and Maarten de Moor (OVSICORI, Costa Rica). Welcome Céline, Maarten and Akihiko!

The fully updated CVL-Steering Committee is presented here.