We present: the new CVL Leaders and Steering Committee members

During the business meeting of the CVL10-New Zealand Workshop (March 2019, Taupo) the new Co-Leaders were unanimously elected by the CVL Community present in New Zealand. After nine years, Dmitri Rouwet has stepped back as CVL-Leader (now webmaster) and has been replaced by Jennifer Lewicki (USGS-Menlo Park, CA) and Corentin Caudron (Université de Savoie, France).

Takeshi Ohba (Tokai University, Japan), former CVL-Secretary (2010-2013), left the Steering Committee and proposed Akihiko Terada (Kusatsu-Shirane Volcano Observatory, TIT, Japan) to replace him. Bertram Boehrer decided to leave the Steering Committee. We’d like to thank Takeshi-san and Bertram for their proactive work and dedication to CVL for many years.

Other newcomers in the CVL-Steering Committee are the young researchers Céline Mandon (Yachay Tech University, Urcuqui, Ecuador) and Maarten de Moor (OVSICORI, Costa Rica). Welcome Céline, Maarten and Akihiko!

The fully updated CVL-Steering Committee is presented here.






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